Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Recent Trends in Web Design - I

Designing a website in unique way, changes a lot by time to time. These are the biggest trends in web design industry (for the current period) followed by the UI designers across the globe. 

Huge Background Images:

Websites with huge background images make the site more attractive and it will give richer look for the end-users. This image can be banner that explains it's product, abstract image or any other which makes the page readable. The image will be made responsive through media queries so that it fits in all devices.

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Video on Background:

A big page size videos running in the website home page will help the user to know about the project or product of the site. Videos can be added through multimedia components in HTML5 (<video> ) .Video is supported by *.ogg and *.mp4 formats.


Larger SVG Images:

Nowadays all the modern web browsers are supports SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) images. Most of the sites are using SVG because this vector image format will not be pixelated in size of browsers.


Bigger Font Sizes:

Most of the webdesign depends upon the high quality image content and the bigger and legible fonts. Typography plays one of the vital role in webdesign which include font selection and its size. Bigger text on page heading and on essential topics makes the content more legible and clear which makes the user to understand the content.

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More Interactive than Ever:

User experience is the essential in a website design. Instead on writing stories about the services or what we do in that project, interactive designs may help us a lot for better communication. The proverb 'Picture speaks more words' can be quoted for every designers to make it more clear. 


Lesser Text More Imagery:

Same as the above point, images are more communicative than bunch of paragraphs. Use high quality of images which are optimized and can be used in the websites to represent what we are coming to say. Make sure that you are not filling the whole page with group of images congested in the website, because too many of HD images may reduce your site performance.

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Parallax Effect & Innovative Scrolling:

Parallax scrolling and innovative scrolling makes the background elements to move or scroll at different rate in the smooth easing manner. This effect is used in many of the single page applications and websites which makes the content more richer and worthier.


Split Screens:

One of the popular design trend I’ve noticed is becoming more and more popular is the split layout. This split screen makes the website more attractive and presentable for the users.


Tiled Format Design:

After the arrival of Windows 8 operating system, the retro design became one of the trending topic in design world. Websites filled with tiles of squared and rectangle shapes withe the respective content inside it make the design more briefer and understandable.


Grid Based Design:

This design is mostly used in forum or blog based sites for listing the topics. Mostly single images with the briefed text will be aligned in the landing page.


Responsive Web Design:

When the smart phones era has started, responsive web design has evolved in web design as a vital role. Initially, media queries are used to make a website responsive. Then in later stages, the framework has made the task more easier.


Rest of the trends will be continued in next post.

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